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About DTS Personal Training
My name is Dolly T. Seeburger and I am an American Council on 
Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer and I also specialize in 
Exercise for Older Adults (ACE). I hold a current CPR and 
AED certification from the American Heart Association.

I firmly believe that fitness and health has to go hand in hand. Working as a trainer for 7 years I have seen so many people sacrificing health for fitness. My philosophy is to bring balance into the body with a emphasis on strength, cardio and flexibility. I have worked with many post-cancer patients, older adults and people with limitations. Post-rehab is also one of my specialty since a structured program is the only way to regain as much mobility and strength.

I am a competitive powerlifter in Southern Powerlifting Federation with a competition total of 760lbs. I have a best squat of 265lbs, best bench 190lbs and best deadlift 320lbs in the 148 weight class. I love yoga and have been practicing for the past 10 years. I struggled  and recovered from a binge eating disorder. My mantra is to be happy but never satisfied and my attitude is to never give up. 

Dolly Seeburger