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About DTS Personal Training
My name is Dolly T. Seeburger and I am an American Council on 
Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer and I also specialize in 
Exercise for Older Adults (ACE). I hold a current CPR and 
AED certification from the American Heart Association.

I firmly believe that fitness and health has to go hand in hand. Working as a trainer for 7 years I have seen so many people sacrificing health for fitness. That is why I love working with people with limitations. It is so rewarding and challenging! Clients who comes to me with musculoskeletal injuries particularly back, shoulder and knee, would experience fat loss and muscle gain but the best part is that their injuries get better and some regain total mobility of their joints with no pain. This is what keeps me going. This is why I love what I do.

I am currently a competitive powerlifter with a competition total of 760lbs. I have a best squat of 265lbs, best bench 190lbs and best deadlift 309lbs. I love yoga and have been practicing for the past 10 years. I struggled  and recovered from a binge eating disorder. My mantra is to be happy but never satisfied and my attitude is to never give up. 

Dolly Seeburger 
The Mindfulness Project (May1st-Oct 31st)
I want to invite you to join me in this project to tap into the inner workings of our minds. This project starts May 1st- Oct 31st so that we are given a realistic period to discover, practice and reflect.

The goal by the end is so that we will be able to use mindfulness to understand ourselves better. As a direct effect we can come to accept our bodies the way it is but yet have the willpower to change it to reflect a healthier mind.

I value your participation in The Mindfulness Project whether in some or all of it.

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